Bikini pix of Sara Ali Khan with her brother got trolled badly

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan shared the pix in Bikini Bra with her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan and captioned Verified

Happiest birthday Brother 🎂 🍰 🎁👫I love you more than you know and am missing you lots today!! Wish I was with you 

Sara Ali khan never thought this one pix will get trolled badly, actually, fans did not like her this one pix in Bikini Bra with her brother.

Fans are commenting on her pix how can you shared the Bikini Bra pix with the brother because Indian culture or society never accepts this kind of pix.

Indian culture is very different from the western culture and here Sara Ali Khan intention was good, she only wished birthday to own brother but shared bikini pix with brother.

According to fans of Sara Ali khan, she should not share such kind of pix with the brother because brother and sister relation is very holy, she should become Sanskari sister.

Some of the comments Blog Mirchi are going to show you:


How U Can Wear This Type Of Dress In Front Of Your Brother As Per U Are Muslim 😒😒😒 Shame On You


Happiest Birthday to Ibrahim😘 Thank you for uploading these pictures Sara ♥️ I love it that you don’t give a F about these jaahil gawar’s who come and make cheap comments. These gyaani baba’s need to change their mentality first but that ain’t happening in India for the next 500 years(minimum) Not giving a F and doing what you wanna do is the best thing to do! Love you♥️😘


I was pissed of by your acting skill in love aj kal! But now I’m pissed of by your activities too!


Comment section filled with “Sanskaari Indians” 😂😂


Lmaooo these comments are so stupid


As if u don’t have other pics with him 🙂💔


What’s the problem in these pictures and pose.. I love it.. it’s cute and it’s so cool too


Aby tum dono bhai behan ho yaa ashiq maashuq?


Aise pic ke saath birthday wish kaun karta hai


Kese pehn leti ho apne bhai k sath bikini n bra 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄


INDIA me mental illness kitni comments se hi pta chl jata hai 🙂


You could have post a better pic of your brother, instead of flaunting your bikini


Mai or meri behn ne last pic click kab ki yaad bhi ni orr itne pyaar se to kabhi click karvaai e nahi

Sara Ali Khan Bikini Bra Pix with her brother still got more than 18 lakhs likes on her own Instagram account within 8 hours.

She has shared another pix on Instagram and captioned Boombox playing- we doing our favourite moves 🔊🕺🏻💃

Living a little- amping up the 80’s groove🎚

Everything feels just a little wilder 💙💚💜💕

But I ain’t got time for something milder 🤷‍♀️

Just want to feel fresh and fab in my

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