Software Testing Question Bank for interview

Topmost important interview questions mentioned below for interview point of view, if you cover all these below mentioned questions then you can easily crack the interview if the interviewer asks theoretical questions.

1. What is SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)?

2. What is the Waterfall Model?

3. What is Agile Methodology?

4. What is white box testing?

5. What is Black box testing?

6. What is Unit Testing?

7. What is Integration Testing?

8. What is Regression Testing?

9. What is Smoke Testing?

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10. What is Alpha Testing?

11. What is Beta Testing?

12. What is Scrum?

13. What is Spiral Model?

14. What is the STLC(Software Testing Life Cycle)? Explain it Phases of STLC in brief?

15. What is the difference between build and release?

16. What is Branch Testing & Boundary Testing?

17. What is CRUD Testing and how to perform the testing of CRUD?

18. What is Component Testing?

19. What is Negative and Positive Testing?

20. What is V-model?

21. What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Testing?

22. What are the Verification and Validation?

23. What is UAT(User Acceptance Testing)?

24. What is the difference between Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Scripts?

25. What is the Test Plan?

26. Explain the difference between Defect, Bug, error, and Issue?

27. What is Adhoc Testing?

28.Difference between ReTesting and Regression Testing?

29. What is the Severity and Priority of bug? Give Some Examples?

30. Give the example of High Priority and Low Severity?

31. Give the example of High Priority and High Severity?

32. Give the example of Low Severity and High Priority?

33. What is Monkey Testing?

34. What is Smart Monkey and Dumb Monkey?

35. What is Test Driver and Test Stub?

36. What is RAD(Rapid Application Development Model)?

37. What is the DFD(Data Flow Diagram)?

38. What is System Testing?

39. Draw the bug life cycle and explain it?

40. What is Performance Testing?

41. What is Load Testing and Stress Testing?

42. What is Sanity Testing?

43.Difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?

44. What is Defect Leakage?

45. What is Patch?

46. What are Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence partitioning?

47. What is Exploratory Testing?

48. What is RTM(Requirement Traceability Matrix)?

49. What is the latest version of Android?

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50. What is the latest version of IOS?

51. What is the extension of Android?

52. What is the extension of IOS?

53. What is Emulator?

54. What is Simulator?

55. Explain the types of Integration Testing?

56. What is the use case?

57. What is the UseCase Testing?

58. What is User Story?

59. What is Globalization Testing?

60. What is Gorilla Testing?

61. What is Data-Driven Testing?

62. What is RCA(Root cause analysis)?

63. Explain the types of Black Box Testing?

64.Difference between QA(Quality Analyst) vs QC(Quality Control)?

65. What is the Test Suite?

66. Explain the difference between Hybrid Vs Native App?

67.Difference between HighLevel and LowLevel Test Cases?

68. What is meant By Test Harness?

69. What is meant by test coverage?

70. What is meant by Code Coverage?

71. What are the different types of functional Testing?

72. Explain the Testing Levels?

73. Write the test scenario of the White Board?

74. Write the test scenario of Duster?

75. Write the test scenario of Pen?

76. Write the test scenario of Remote Control?

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